Oddsmakers Continue to Show An Interest in Efforts of Cowboy Football


The oddsmakers are paying attention to the Cowboys. For the second week in a row, the Cowboys, coming off a win, have seen their odds for winning the NCAA championship have shrunk.

The Cowboys went from 250-to-1 in the preseason to 150-to-1 following their upset of Missouri in the season-opening game, and this week, after a win at Texas State, the Cowboys are 125-to-1 according to @betonline_ag.

Clemson is the favorite at 5-to-2 after sharing the top spot with Alabama a week ago. The Crimson Tide is 3-to-1 this week.

The Cowboys are No. 2 among Mountain West teams. Boise State is at 80-to-1. At 125-to-one, the Cowboys are tied for 26th with Baylor, Memphis, Oklahoma State and Virginia Tech. The only other Mountain West school with 500-to-1 odds are better is Utah State at 250-to-1.


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