Kevin's Commentary: Memories of the Late Jim Kiick

Tracy Ringolsby

By Kevin McKinney/Wyoming Athletic Department

Jim Kiick didn't like to lose.

Whether in that famous Miami Dolphin backfield, or running the toss sweep for the Wyoming Cowboys.

You name it, he wanted to be the best.

Turns out he and Wyoming's legendary linebacker Jim House, a Kiick teammate during those great years of the late 1960's, went out with the same girl.

"I told her," says House, "that you can't be going out with me on Friday night and Kiick on Saturday night. That's just not going to work. You're going to have to decide, make a choice, I said. She decided alright, she married Kiick," House chuckles.

Wyoming lost one of its toughest Cowboys of all time last weekend when James Forrest Kiick died in Florida at the age of 73.

To the nation, he was part of the legendary Miami Dolphin backfield with Larry Csonka who helped Miami win two Super Bowls, and fashion the only undefeated season in league history.

To Wyoming fans, number 21 turning the corner on that famous toss sweep was the embodiment of Cowboy tough. He was the first player ever to earn first team All-Western Athletic Conference honors three consecutive years. He was the only player ever to lead the league in rushing three straight seasons. The Cowboys never lost a home game during his three seasons (13-0), while winning consecutive conference championships and becoming the only school in WAC history to play in a bowl game on New Year's Day. 

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