MW Schools Behind Only ACC Among Non-Power 5,  Well Below  Elite in Assistant FB Coach Salaries

Tracy Ringolsby

When it comes to Mountain West schools, Wyoming's commitment of $1,853,286 was the fourth highest in the Mountain West Conference in 2019, according to USA Today, but just $273,849 less than Boise State, which had the biggest MW commitment to assistants.

Among the 10 MW schools listed, Nevada ranked last at $1,472,254. USA Today did not list salaries for Hawaii and Air Force.

The 10 Mountain West schools ranked between No. 56 and No. 69. The American Athletic Conference filled the five spots from 51-55, ahead of Boise State,  with Houston at No. 51, followed by Central Florida, Cincinnati, Memphis and South Florida. Connecticut, the only other AAC team listed, was No. 600, between Wyoming and San Diego State.

The salary packages for coaches at non-Power 5 schools were dwarfed by the big boys in college football. No. 1 Alabama of the SEC, No. 2 Clemson of the ACC, No. 3 Ohio State of the Big 10, and No. 4 Texas A&M of the SEC had total assistant coaching salaries in excess of $7 million. 

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