What if Wyoming Was In A Conference with 5 Other MW Members & 6 Schools From The Past?

Tracy Ringolsby

It has been a decade since the NCAA last realigned it's Division I Conferences. Has the plan worked? Well the schools that were put in the Power 5 conferences have done well, but not with headaches in terms of rivalries and travel.

SI's Pat Forde suggests it is time for a do over and his plan calls for the 120 Divison 1 teams split into 12 geographically divided 10-team conferences, and an expanded post-season playoff system.

For Wyoming the plan would seem like a dream.

Wyoming would be part of a Rocky Mountain Conference which would include current Mountain West schools Air Force, Boise State, Colorado State, New Mexico, Utah State and Wyoming. 

The Cowboys would be reunited with Arizona and Arizona State, which were original members of the Western Athletic Conference, but left to join the Pac-10; Utah, which parted company with the Mountain West to join the Pac-12, and BYU, which is now an independent.

And they would add old-time rival Colorado. The Cowboys and Buffs were together in the Rocky Mountain Conference from 1921-38, and then were involved in creation of the Skyline Conference from 1939 until Colorado moved to the Big Seven in 1948.

With a 12-team conference each team would build off past rivalries, and add only one non-conference game each year -- Washington State becoming the Cowboys' opponent.

What would be the bonus of the move? Lower travel costs because of the regional alignment; reduction of payments for a non-conference home game, and enhanced rivalries with teams that have a history.

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The negative? The current Power 5 schools wouldn't like the idea of suddenly sharing media revenue with the non-Power 5 Division 1 schools.