Wyoming Cowboy Football Players Begin Arriving on Campus

Tracy Ringolsby

It was far from the real thing, but at least Wyoming football Coach Craig Bohl and his staff got a look -- albeit at a distance -- of a sizable group of the Cowboys 2020 roster.

"We waved," said Bohl. "I had my mask on. It says 1 Wyoming and has the Wyoming flag."

Right now, that's about as close as it gets.

The bulk of the 65 players invited to report to campus on Monday took advantage of the opportunity, and now will go through two weeks of isolation to ensure they are COVID-19 free.

"Everything is voluntary," said Bohl.

For now, the players can come by each day to pick up three meals for the day. They can do some work on their own, like going for a run. But there's not interaction with the coaches until after a 14-day quarantine ends and players are given a clean bill of health.

"They can't come in the building right now," Bohl said. "If they do things on their own that's their decision."

Supervised weight room workouts can open on June 15.

The Cowboys are anxious for concerns to ease, and the season to start. They feel they are ready to take another step forward in the Mountain West. But they are aware enough of what is going on in the world to know adjustments will be made along the way.

"Suppose something would happen and a school would drop out in the middle of the year?" Bohl said. "We have a flex schedule, where we could look to an FCS school in case we need a game."

That is going to mean teams are going to have to be flexible because a school could have to back out of a game after the season begins of there is a renewed problem on that school's campus.

There were earlier reports that the three Mountain West teams in California -- San Diego State, Fresno State and San Jose State -- would not be allowed to play unless all of the campuses were open to students. Lately, however, it appears the schools have found support for playing the games.

Adding to the puzzle of a potential 2020 season is the fact Division I has added several bowl games this year, and projections are somewhere between three and eight teams with a five-win record could wind up in a bowl.

The Cowboys, however, aren't looking for leftovers.

They have been bowl eligible the last four years, and have won their last two bowl games.

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