From Sports Illustrated: Will Sports Wave Goodbye to Handshakes?

Tracy Ringolsby

The games are back, but a certain special element of sportsmanship will not return, for safety's sake. This is a remembrance to the 'Put 'er there,' the soul shake, the hand slap, the high (and low) five. Those, and myriad other forms of dap, are done. For a while, at least.

“I don’t think we should ever shake hands ever again,” says Anthony Fauci. 

In sports, the handshake has long held us in its grip, from pregame handshake lines in soccer to postgame (postseason) handshake lines in hockey. In this pandemic, though, the shake is shelved. 

As sports rev their metaphorical engines—MLB in four weeks! —Steve Rushin goes deep on a sporting world without the the soul shake, the hand slap, the high (and low) five, and so on.

Look and Listen to Kailin O'Toole and Rushin discuss the role of the handshake and it's dim future in sports:


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