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The Brier Issue

London curling, see we ain’t got no swing

London curling, we ain’t got no swing

It’s out. Volume 54, Issue 5 aka the March 2011 issue of The Curling News has shipped and started arriving to subscribers yesterday. Curling clubs and other recipients will get theirs sometime next week (another reason to subscribe, folks).

Does the cover image ring a bell (click to increase size)? What else is super-cool about this issue, and why should you plunk your money down to support what we do? For starters, here are some of the contents in this issue...

London Calling – er, Curling
The Clash at Brier 2011: Is Kevin Martin mortal this time around? Would we ask if we thought otherwise?

Our Experts Pick ’Em
Who are these “experts” and what do they think? Three special guests weigh in, with a fourth to be revealed on opening weekend

Purple Heart for Pride
The daughter of a champion watches dad take another crack at glory, and remembers decades of family commitment

The Curling News TV Guide for March
Think you know all the game times, and channels, for upcoming coverage like the women’s worlds in Denmark? Guess again, folks – the internet lies. We don’t. FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY

Brier Passion – Passion du Brier
Who are these guys? Mike Fournier explains why you should cheer for Francois Gagne and L’Equipe Quebec

They Said It
You won’t believe this month’s collection of quotable quotes. Which Brier rival said this about Martin: “I don’t know how anyone can win a Grand Slam throwing it that bad?” FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY

Quote of The Month
A new feature for all readers: this month, the man behind the Wheelchair Curling Blog takes a swipe at administrators whose careers are not affected by the sport’s development struggles

March Newsdesk
All the Ferbey versus Gushue you can handle plus Team Jacobs (Soo versus Thunder Bay), Coach Muyres, Glenn Howard and the Jennifer Jones bubble... FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY

From Bull Durham to High River
Guy Scholz wants to know why provincial curling championships are still locked in a box, just begging to be opened

Bullseye and The Hammer
The story behind those nifty new CCA commercials and why they are connecting with TV viewers FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY

The Dominion Club Corner
Does your curling club or facility embrace corporate outings? If not, you’re missing out – big time

Mixed Skins – the Olympic Answer?
Part II of Larry Wood’s push for the next Olympic curling discipline, with thoughts from David Murdoch, Rick Lang and a feisty Andrea Schoepp

Volunteering – to pay or not to pay?
Would you pay a nominal fee for your volunteer jacket? Thousands do every year, and many have an opinion

Plus, there’s more.

And, of course, our free online stuff is rockin’ and rollin’ via Twitter... and our London Brier Blogstar Kim Tuck will post her first story later today. Followed by, sometime this weekend, the mysterious fourth Brier predictor... all right here on Da Blog.

So what do you say, curling fans? We’re crazy about curling and we know you are, too. Please support our call and subscribe today to Ye Olde TCN... you’ll love our stuff, which includes extra subscriber-only content!