Vol. 54 Issue 6: April 2011

Publish date:
  • No Doubtin’ Stoughton Three-time Brier champ vows to “rock the crap out of Regina”
  • Holland Rings in the Respect “I do deserve this” said the Saskatchewan women’s skip
  • The Year in Pictures Our special look at the images of the 2010-2011 curling season
  • The Curling News TV Guide for April All you need to know about world men’s and Players’ Championship coverage this month
  • Curling in America One year after Vancouver, the U.S. must face the facts: there is a major problem with facilities
  • They Said It The Brier champs, the runners-up, Russ Howard, Russ Howard’s critics, and more
  • Brier Boys are Bronzed Off Larry Wood on Canada’s new third-place match
  • April Newsdesk The world’s best six-year-old curler; myCB.ca; the Jack Cox affair; celebrities in June; Woody and Matty; Cheryl Bernard’s new teammate unveiled; new teams for 2012 and more
  • Curling Quarterbacks and ESP Guy Scholz explores the challenge of decision-making
  • The Team Canada Grieving Process Jill Officer on the trials of Team Jennifer Jones
  • The Dominion Club Corner The latest and greatest on Canada’s 2011 recreational curling championship
  • Go Soak Your (Brush) Head Go curling on a Caribbean Cruise – introducing the WaterSpiel
  • Wilfred Laurier Leads the Way How one Ontario school is miles ahead of any western university curling program
  • The (Funny) Faces of Kevin Martin – Part II That was quite the Brier ordeal for the Old Bear. Once again, we spotlight some of his best mugshots, this time from London
  • 2011: Good, Bad and Ugly Jean Mills sums up this wild season that was
    Part II of Larry Wood’s push for the next Olympic curling discipline, with thoughts from David Murdoch, Rick Lang and a feisty Andrea Schoepp
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