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Vol. 58 Issue 6: April 2015

  • SIX COLUMNS IN ONE Hall-of-Fame columnist Terry Jones takes us through the biggest debates of the curling year– DIGITAL EDITION LAUNCHES MULTIPLE PHOTO GALLERIES
  • SHOTS OF THE YEAR We provide quick links to the season’s best shots as part of our Newsdesk – DIGITAL EDITION LAUNCHES MULTIPLE VIDEOS
  • PHOTOS OF THE YEAR Two pages in print, and another eight in our digital edition; we present the best in 2014-15 curling imagery – DIGITAL EDITION LAUNCHES MULTIPLE PHOTO GALLERIES
  • THE TV CURLING WARS The Brier marked a turning point in the TSN versus Sportsnet battle – DIGITAL EDITION LAUNCHES VIDEO
  • CURLING TV/WEB GUIDE You won't believe the amount of curling to watch in April, and only we have the most in-depth and accurate event listings
  • WELCOME CHERYL New columnist Cheryl Bernard on her debut commentating season
  • DESPERATE FOR ICE TECHS Matt Hames on U.S. desperation; Mark Dacey tears a strip off Nova Scotia curling mandarins
  • BEWARE THE PIPS Columnist Rodger Schmidt warns us of the People in (Curling) Power
  • MATT THE ENGINEER FIXES CURLING Columnist Matt Brouwer says curling fans have got it wrong – DIGITAL EDITION LAUNCHES PHOTO GALLERY
  • THE CURLING NEWS GOLD TRAIL Which nine men’s and women’s teams have now earned over 100K this season? Only The Curling News tracks every dollar won in the sport, regardless of event affiliation
  • SPECIAL OLYMPICS Columnist Fred Rinne knows firsthand of the curling payback, which is “Immediate and priceless” – DIGITAL EDITION LAUNCHES PHOTO GALLERY
  • GUY ON THE ROAD – DIGITAL EDITION EXCLUSIVE Travelling man Guy Scholz went a Mile High at the new Denver Curling Club’s first big bonspiel
  • UNIVERSITY CURLING – DIGITAL EDITION EXCLUSIVE WITH PHOTO GALLERY A 2015 CIS roundup; columnist Heather Maxted on an uncertain future at U of M
  • CLUB CORNER: CUSTOMERS AND VOLUNTEERS Columnist Mark Inglis helps facility managers differentiate between two confusing stakeholders
  • THE LEGEND OF LARRY GREEN Columnist Jim Corrigan’s search for the perfect teammate who got away
  • HE THOUGHT HE KNEW IT ALL We welcome back columnist Colin Hodgson, the new Brier Hot Shot – DIGITAL EDITION LAUNCHES PHOTO GALLERY
  • PRIERS, AMATEURS AND LAUNDRY Columnist Kevin Palmer weighs in on the topics of the year
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