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Vol. 58 Issue 4: February 2015

  • NOT GONE GIRLS Sorry, boys : Our Hall-Of-Fame columnist Terry Jones proves that women – and perhaps mixed doubles – are the biggest things in curling these days – DIGITAL EDITION INCLUDES PHOTO GALLERY
  • (VIDEO) GAME ON Columnist Matt Brouwer dissects the curling video game industry and ranks his favourites – DIGITAL EDITION INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE ONLINE VIDEO
  • GONE DIGITAL Each and every issue of The Curling News is now enhanced and expanded online with more pages of exclusive, interactive curling content – but you must subscribe to get it all
  • CURLING TV/WEB GUIDE You won't believe the amount of stuff to watch in February, and only we have the most in-depth and accurate listings – EXPANDED FOR DIGITAL EDITION
  • STOH PREVIEW – DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE The Curling News breaks down the provincial women’s championships in advance of February’s STOH nationals – INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE PHOTO GALLERIES
  • WORLD WHEELCHAIR PREVIEW Columnist Eric Eales previews the entire international field as the 2015 World Wheelchair Curling Championship is poised to begin
  • “ANY FOUR” VS THE PROVINCIAL ELITE How many times has once province’s championship men’s team NOT been skipped by one of “The Big Six”? The answer will shock you…
  • GOLD TRAIL RANKINGS Which three women’s teams have now earned over 100K this season? Only The Curling News tracks every dollar won in the sport, regardless of event affiliation
  • CLUB CORNER: RECREATION TRENDS Part III in columnist Mark Inglis’ series on How To Run A Curling Club – essential reading for any facility manager, volunteer or board member
  • CURLING IN AMERICA Columnist Guy Scholz is on the road again, this time from Graceland to St. Paul
  • THE CURLING COUCH POTATO From his world of golf and darts – that’s right, darts – columnist Bill Nielson summarizes a fall and winter of curling on TV
  • THE CURLING NEWSDESK What’s wrong with playdowns; Brazil versus USA; our Skins Game contest winner; Outdoor curling in Toronto; Target blew it with curling, among other things; who won and who lost on the Plays of the Year, and more – DIGITAL EDITION INCLUDES DIGITAL PHOTO GALLERIES
  • CATCH THE SPIRIT The 2015 Spirit of Curling Calendar raises funds for three charities, and curling communities too
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