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2012 TSN Curling Skins - Martin vs Koe

Words and Images by Anil Mungal

Whadda ya think, boys?

Whadda ya think, boys?

RAMA, Ont. – After a slow start, Team Kevin Martin gets on the board in the third end with a nice angle raise.

At the fourth-end break we have Team Kevin Koe ahead $3,300-$1,200 with lots of cash remaining.

Heading into the sixth end, Martin himself is being outshot by Koe – and by quite a margin, 76% to a whopping 96%, however, the Olympians are only $600 behind on the Skins scoreboard. TSN commentators Russ Howard and Linda Moore surmise that KMart's team is playing well and bailing out their skip, who is struggling.

At the end of the sixth, Koe makes a beauty runback for his two points and another skin, and pads his lead! Boom!

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