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2015-16 Season Underway

Hi there! After a lengthy blog vacation, The Curling News is back.

Agree? Or not? See link for all 15!

Agree? Or not? Click the link for all 15!

The traditional winter curling season is underway – in fact it's already week five or six (depending on interpretation) on the World Curling Tour. As such, we've updated our popular Top 15 feature, which you can check out via "TCN TOP 15" on our homepage.

All summer we have kept you abreast of curling news and info (plus memes and mockery) through our extremely popular social media feeds. If you don't "Like" or "Follow" you are missing out, so be sure to join the fun here on Twitter and here on Facebook.

Advertisers are signing on and subscriptions are pouring in... and that means the first print and digital edition of The Curling News' 2015-16 season is just around the corner. Be sure to renew or purchase your subscription – or gift subscription – via this page and we suggest you do so quickly, as you don't want to miss a single issue of our amazing 59th year of publishing.

Nice form, girl!

Nice form, girl!

Yes, it's remarkable but true... we published our first issue back in 1957. When curling looked like – this!

(Chicago Tribune photo from 1957)

One last piece of advice... our most recent issue (April) is still available online, via our homepage, and it is open to all eager eyeballs.

Simply click on the "April DIGITAL ISSUE" promo and presto, you will embark on a voyage of no less than 29 pages (!) revealing hundreds of links to associated videos, photo galleries and webpages.

It's a digital media playground for curling fans, and only our subscribers get access to all six of these mammoth bonuses each season. So again, we invite you to visit our SUBSCRIBE page.

Stand by folks... The Roaring Game is back, and so is The Curling News!