22 Minutes at 2005 Curling Trials

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Raj Binder was there, did that

by George Karrys

Raj Binder at the 2005 ROTR

Raj Binder at the 2005 ROTR

Burgundy? Shmurgundy.

The curling world is going bonkers over actor/comedian Will Ferrell, who brings Hollywood glitz to Winnipeg tomorrow on day one of the Canadian Olympic Trials.

The Canadian Curling Association has been working on this cross-promotional deal for months. The competitors are thrilled and can't wait to interact with Ferrell, who has another Anchorman movie to promote and will be in character as oafish talking head Ron Burgundy. It's all quite the hullaballoo.

But what if we told you that another actor/comedian already "did" curling's Olympic Trials, back in 2005, and it didn't cost a thing in promo time or dollars? And that this actor/comedian pretty much killed it?

Raj Binder is the impossibly sweaty sports correspondent for This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Canada's satirical political comedy airing Tuesday nights on CBC. He made a chaotic appearance at the 2005 Trials in Halifax, stunning both athletes and spectators into various stages of bewilderment.

Unfortunately, no video evidence remained online of this appearance. Until now.

Thanks to the 22 Minutes publicity gang for helping us track down the sketch, below...

And so we ask the question: Who shall go down in history as the funniest actor/comedian at a curling championship? Will it be Ferrell's Burgundy, super-hyped and carrying big expectations? Or is it Binder, portrayed by proud Newfoundlander Shaun Majumder?

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