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Casino Rama Skins Curling 1


RAMA, Ontario – And we're off!


In the first end ... Team Randy Ferbey second Scott Peiffer yells "hard Wayne, hard" to the enjoyment of the crowd.

Another person in the crowd says "Good sweeping Wayne."

Here's Wayne Middaugh... er, Nedohin... joshing with Team Glenn Howard third man Richard Hart as the game gets underway (TCN photo by Anil Mungal).

Late to the party? No idea what Middaugh is doing out there, looking like an Edmonton curling bumblebee? Guess you missed this.

Them Howards ain't joshing now. Middaugh just made a peachy hot and flop behind cover, and Glenn was forced to draw the pin for a first-end carryover.

We always knew the Wayner loved to play for money. You knew that too... right?