Contest winner – ID the curling stars

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So many curling faces... so little contest time

So many curling faces... so little contest time

Hey folks! Thanks to all who tried to identify all the curling superstars shown in our new Twitter background (at left).

You can see the contest entries at the bottom of this previous blog posting.

Okay... some of these "superstars" hold, er, some dubious qualifications in our sport. But it's safe to say that Ronald McDonald is better known, around the globe, than even the greatest-ever curling athlete – so if he throws a curling stone, we're gonna show it!

For those interested in the back story, the iconic mascot participated in a charity curling announcement way up in Canada's arctic territories a year or so ago.

The contest winner is Eric Eales of Kelowna, BC who operates the Wheelchair Curling portal as well as @WheelChairCurl on Twitter. Nice work Eric!

Honourable mention goes to Kelso M! This entry looked like the winner but, ironically, wheelchair curler Darryl Neighbour was missed – he's the one stabilizing the chair for Women of Curling Calendar athlete/model Sonja Gaudet.

Thanks to all who participated, and stay tuned to our various online properties for more contests this season...