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Curling Cyber Attack update: Capital One and your help

To the rescue! Can you say "faster than a speeding bullet"?

To the rescue! Can you say "faster than a speeding bullet"?

Things are happening at a breakneck pace, and some of these things are very, very good. But some things are also very, very bad. Please read on.

First of all – if you have no idea what the headline of this post means, please read this.

Second: we were delighted to receive a call late last night from representatives of Capital One, the already-impressive curling sponsor (Grand Slam of Curling, World Championships, various men's and women's teams, charity curling bonspiels etc.). Capital One duly informed us, in rough order, of three things. Namely:

1) This sucks.

2) Capital One will match all donations made to CurlingZone re. the affected websites and related data retrieval efforts dollar to dollar, up to a total of CDN $5,000. Wow.

3) Capital One also challenges other curling sponsors, curling governing bodies, curling suppliers as well as friends of the Roaring Game to get involved – donate $500 from here, another $10 or 20 from there – in this rescue effort.

When The Curling News informed CurlingZone of Capital One's initiative, there was much rejoicing.

"That's amazing, that's great news," said Dallas Bittle, a CZ co-founder. "I didn't even dream that anything like that would happen. That shows the generosity and kindness of curling people, so maybe I shouldn't be that surprised. But I still am.

"I can't wait to tell Gerry, he might not have to mortgage his house!"

We echo his thoughts and congratulate and thank the good folks at Capital One for their outreach, as well as their continued support of the world's greatest sport.

But wait. There's more. And that's our third point.

On the down side, the data recovery effort is "not going well" and there are fears that some of the data will indeed be lost forever. And that has provoked another, different kind of cry for help.

As the data scenario worsens, the CurlingZone boys have frantically begun trawling the internet via Google Cache, finding and capturing "web snapshots" of the data before they disappear from the internet forever. You see, Google and other search engines regularly cache the webpages for a few weeks, and some of these event results – from the World Curling Tour and Ontario Curling Tour pages – are still accessible... for now. Some of them.

The idea is clever, but is exhaustive and time-consuming... and speaking of time, the Cached pages disappear day by day, hour by hour... so this is now a race against time.

And your help is needed here, as well.

If you wish contribute funds to the future of CurlingZone, please go to the CZ homepage and click on the PayPal button. Remember, every dollar you donate will be matched by Capital One, thus doubling your contribution!

If you have any time to donate, or know of friends who can help – and these next three days through the TSN Curling Skins weekend are critical – please email right away.

The race is on!