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Curling in Brazil

Just days from now, the sport of curling will debut in South America for the very first time.

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Apenas os dias a partir de agora, o esporte de curling vai estrear na América do Sul pela primeira vez.

Shopping Eldorado in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, will host a corporate promotion by Neutrogena, one of the beauty brands of Johnson & Johnson. And The Curling News has learned that Canadians – and Norwegians – will play a pivotal role.

The promotion is being executed by Sao Paulo agency Ginga Brasilis and Toronto’s Rock Solid Productions, who also deliver the Capital One Rocks and Rings school program.

The fellow charged with making Brazil's first “real” sheet of curling ice is none other than Mark Shurek, the chief ice technician for the Grand Slam of Curling series.

Things get underway August 13 with the campaign launch, and features the skip of Norway’s 2010 women’s team, Linn Githmark.

Curling continues all the way to August 22, with two more Canadians – noted curling instructor Brian Chick and reigning World University Games silver medallist Hollie Nicol – on site every day, helping curling-crazed Brazilians hit the ice for the very first time.

Surprised at that? Trust us, Brazilians have gone gaga for curling as if it was some kind of winter football (ie. futebol). Check out the excitement here, here and here... just for starters.

A dedicated website recently launched here – so check it out for yourself. And stay tuned, as we will continue to bring you exclusive information of curling’s latest and greatest step forward.

Brazilian media interested in learning more can contact Gui Bromberg at Ginga Brasilis via:

E prepare-se para jogar, Brasil!