Election 2011

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Canada votes; our political curling notes

Subscribe now! I command thee!

Subscribe now! I command thee! Oh, and go vote.

Good day curling fans. We have something intensely Canadian today.

We have talked politics before – Canadian, American and international – and always with some degree of a curling angle.

The most notorious was our Curling Politics post from September of 2008, which essentially endorsed Prime Minister and curling-mad Conservative leader Stephen Harper (photo). This garnered a few critical comments, including a scolding from one reader who declared "There's no place for politics in the the curling magazines of the nation."

Oh, please.

Another reader hoped that our "choice of the Conservatives (had) a little more depth to it than the quality of curling-related press releases."

Okay, fair point.

Within a month, our Curling Politics II posting attempted to quantify our support for, quite simply, all things curling. When we compared two different government curling grants, for example, we suggested that:

The question now seems to centre around identifying 'good' pork from 'bad' pork. When it comes to curling, says us, it's all good.

We shall not spend much time on the issue of today's Canadian federal election, which is the third in the last six years and fourth since 2004 (sigh). But in the spirit of the above, we decided to see if there were any recent and substantive "curling" reasons to support one party over another... with that word – substantive – not including personal appearances at curling championships (sorry, PMH).

Indeed, we might have found something. According to the website for Canada's Economic Action Plan, often referred to as the stimulus spending spree that followed the recent U.S.-driven economic recession, the search term "curling" returns a whopping 11 pages of results. Apparently the ruling Conservatives haven't ignored The Roaring Game, as this results sample indicates:

Upgrades to Capital Winter Club (NB)... Replace the roofing at the North Grenville Curling Club (ON)... St. Benedict (SK) curling rink upgrades... Rehabilitation of the Rideau Curling Club (ON)... Construction of a three-rink curling arena connected to the recreational centre in Chapais (PQ)... Modernization of the twin arenas and curling rink in Whitecourt (AB)... Upgrade to the Victoria Curling Club (BC)... London Curling Club (ON) – Replacement of windows and lighting... Upgrades to Granite and Fort Rouge Curling Clubs (MB)... Start of construction on Maniwaki multipurpose curling centre (PQ)... Upgrades to the Cornwall and Montague Curling Clubs (PEI)...

The list goes on and on, and this might be food for thought, Canadian curling fans... but that's all. This year The Curling News will not endorse any political party, although we will urge all Canadian citizens to do their civic duty and go vote.

In the words of one of the country's better political writers, "it is better to risk buyer’s remorse than to let others do the shopping in your place."