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Great Brasilian Curling Adventure Part V

by Chad McMullan

Mark Shurek checks out the news

SAO PAULO – Day Six is now complete and the Neutrogena Curling Arena is open to the public for 10 full days!

Our celebrity superstar curler, Linn Githmark of Norway, appears to have survived yet another hectic media schedule that literally went on and on and on – all day long, for some 11 hours – starting with a live in-studio interview on Band Sports.

It would be easier to list the media outlets that are NOT speaking with her, or us, than to list the media which are.

Curling had a huge presence in all the print biggies yesterday morning and, remember, we were just getting started. Folha delivered a full two-page spread in the middle of the sports section, and their online version also includes a video . O Estado de Sao Paulo gave serious space on the back page of their sports section, as read by Mark Shurek in the photo at left and also displayed in this online version.

Here’s more from Terra Brasil, another from Terra Brasil, and one from Jornal da Tarde. And more from R7 and even the Brasilian version of AdNews. And still more from Rede Bom Dia, which includes shout-outs to: all of the Canadians, “Norse goddess” Linn, and also our agency hosts from Ginga,brasilis.

BRA_Globo and street sweeper

Now here’s an interesting photo. On the right we have Linn, who is giving instruction to three guys. The fellow wearing the awesome and infamous LoudMouth golf/curling pants is Abel Neto, a famous Globo sports reporter. The fellow in the blue sleeves is a professional bocce player.

It seems that virtually every Brasilian who tries curling comments that it is “like bocce but on ice”. And fully half of those hasten to add: “but mostly old Italian men play that”.

And the fellow on the far left? He’s a local street sweeper. I kid you not. The Brasilians appear to be fascinated with the idea that street sweepers can excel at curling.

But lets turn this over to curling instructor Brian Chick for the last words on how his stable of new Brasilian curling teachers are coming along, plus a comment on his own stamina throughout the gruelling hours. Said Brian:

My instructions were this: you can get some time off when the people you train are good enough to teach curling without you!

Actually, of the four on-ice instructors Hollie Nicol and I taught yesterday, three of them are pretty much there, and the other is close. All the Brasilians involved are out practicing during any spare minutes, and they are all enthusiastic, eager, and asking a lot of questions.

So I should get an afternoon off in the next few days to go see some of Sao Paulo... or maybe I’ll just sleep. Our hosts seem intent on making sure we don’t get much of that! Thursday night was an amazing Brasilian band, complete with Capoeira dancers... but Chad and I were forced to quit sometime around 2:00am. The rest of the gang – all Brasilian – was at a club until 6:00am!

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