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Great Brasilian Curling Adventure Part VII

by Chad McMullan

BRA_teaching 3

Mark and I are back in Canada now – Brian and Hollie remain while Linn left for Norway yesterday – and shortly I will have some final thoughts for all our followers around the globe. But in the meantime, I wanted to issue a few thank yous to some people and companies whose help went a long way in making this whole adventure a reality.

A very special thank you to Canada Curling Stone and in particular Kim. Without all of her help in putting together our equipment and getting it on a plane to Brasil, we would likely be teaching the locals how to skate right now. Not sure about the others, but I am the last person you would want skating lessons from – yours truly is an ankle-bender extraordinaire. Kim put in a ton of effort and her expertise in international shipping is the reason we got everything down there and then through a tough customs group with little time to spare.

Huge thanks as well to Terry at 8-Ender and Amanda at Asham Curling Supplies for their help as well in supplying the brooms, and slider/grippers respectively. There might be a few sore Brasilians right now that wish the sliders hadn’t shown up though!

And finally a shout out to Jim Waite, legendary curling coach and mastermind behind the Trillium Curling Camp. Special thanks to him for allowing us to recruit a couple of his best instructors and take them down to Brasil while his camp is running. Note that Brian will be back in Canada and at the camp next week to sign autographs... but likely using his new Brasilian nickname Salinho.