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iPhone Curling

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Got iPhone?

Now you’ve got curling!

Age of Curling, to be precise, a new iPhone game available as of Friday – from Apple’s already legendary App Store – for a introductory (time-limited) price of USD 4.99.

The venues look pretty cool: choose between a 1920s-era factory building, a two-sheet club and a modern Olympic stadium (which is sure to get these guys all fired up re. use of the word “Olympic”). The stadium is in Athens, no less.

Play a quick game or a full match. Features include:

• Player vs Player
• 3 Venues
• Realtime 3D graphics
• “Realistic physics” (uh, sorry Blackish, we’ll let TCN readers decide on that one, okay?)
• Intuitive touch-controls
• In-Game Guide explaining rules and controls

They are already excited in Italy and in Japan.

We’re excited, too!

So check out iTunes in your country ... hurry hard ...