November special: Men of Curling

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Special extended through December 9!

Mike McEwen on special this month!

Mike McEwen is “on special” this month!

The success of the first-ever men's curling charity calendar just keeps on growing.

Recently, The Curling News sold out of the initial press run of 5,000 copies and placed another order to deal with the pre-Christmas shopping rush. This alone is fantastic news.

Now, customers have a new option for purchasing – but the window is short.

If you've been following the Twitter feeds and Facebook pages of your favourite men's curling athletes or teams, you may have noticed recent invitations to buy the red-hot 2014 Men of Curling Calendar from some of the models themselves.

Indeed, each of the 12 athletes has a personal sales webpage now in operation, albeit on a temporary basis. Until the end of November, any purchases made through each athlete's personal page will a) save the purchaser CDN $5.00 from the regular purchase price and b) direct the revenues directly to that athlete's charity or cause of choice.

So... if you're a fan of John Morris, and/or you like his support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area, you can choose to make your purchase from his personal page as opposed to the main page – which saves you money and specifically helps his cause.

If you can't get enough of Jon Mead and his support of curling's Sandra Schmirler Foundation, you can purchase through his personal page.

If you love Thomas Ulsrud and/or his Crazy Pants and/or his intriguing idea to announce his charitable cause during February's Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, then look no further than this page here.

Is cover boy Mike McEwen your thing? How about Movember, his hairy-lipped choice for fundraising? Either way, this page is for you.

And it continues, with all 12 models offering a (formerly) secret short link to their own personal pages. Here is a full list of the athletes and those links... click on each one to see which cause or charity each athlete is supporting:

Mr. January – Niklas Edin (Sweden)

Mr. February – Thomas Ulsrud (Norway)

Mr. March – David Murdoch (Scotland)

Mr. April – E.J. Harnden (Sault Ste. Marie, Canada)

Mr. May – Carter Rycroft (Grande Prairie, Canada)

Mr. June – Jon Mead (Winnipeg, Canada)

Mr. July – Paul Flemming (Halifax, Canada)

Mr. August – Craig Savill (Ottawa, Canada)

Mr. September – Brad Jacobs (Sault Ste. Marie, Canada)

Mr. October – Ben Hebert (Calgary, Canada)

Mr. November – Mike McEwen (Winnipeg, Canada)

Mr. December – John Morris (Calgary and Vernon/Kelowna, Canada)

Why not take advantage of this time-sensitive, targeted offer?

Thanks in advance, folks, for your continued support of this amazing project, these amazing athletes and the charitable causes they represent!

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