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“My X hurts, who should I see?”

“I’ve been dealing with Y pain again, I’ve got to take a week or two off.”

These conversations happen more often than not at the rink. Many curlers experience a few annoying body twinges throughout the year. Some can be quite serious; either distracting enough to affect your performance or debilitating enough where you must limit the time you spend on the ice. None of us want that.

If you searched Dr. Google for “curling injuries” there isn’t much recorded research out there. In fact, if you seek out a movement, health or rehabilitation practitioner you might be frustrated by their lack of curling-specific knowledge*. This isn’t a sport like running or baseball, where most people at some point in their youths have thrown a ball or played tag.

On the flipside, quality injury rehab programs can be costly and time consuming. So how do you make sure you are seeing the right person for you, your injury, and your goals?

I brought Megan Pomarensky, an Athletic Therapist and mentor for up-and-coming practitioners to The Empowered Performance Podcast to provide some clarity around the questions: Who to see when you experience an injury, when to see them, and how to get the most out of that experience.

You can listen to the episode here or on your favourite streaming device.

Take care,

Coach Steph

* Do you know a fantastic “curling specific” trainer (because they 100% are out there!), health care or injury rehab specialist? I’d love to connect with them. Contact me to introduce us.

Empowered Performance programs and services bridge the gap between rehab and performance, and provide you with virtual physical therapy, training, and on-ice technical coaching from the safety of your home. When you’re ready to feel empowered around your injury, so your energy can better focus on your training and the game at end, click here.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article and accompanying resources is intended for educational purposes only. Please seek out the assistance of a Regulated Health Care Practitioner if you have any questions or concerns.