Olympic Curling TV Mayhem

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Wow. What an impressive screenshot sent to us from a Swiss curling fan – and high-performance curling athlete, actually – whom we will mysteriously refer to only as "Playah" (click image to increase size).

Playah Screengrab_sm

According to Playah, he – like many über-curling fans around the world – got very little sleep these past two weeks while the Olympic curling competition was on television and the interweb. In his case, Playah went a few steps further and managed to get no less than three live curling games onto his computer desktop at the same time... plus a statistics widget, and two other Olympic streams.

Buh. Duhhrrrggddd. Fffffvvvt.

That's what we think we would be saying (ie. grunting) after just a couple of days of this... never mind 11 consecutive days, and counting.

For the record, Playah reveals that these streams come from eurosportvision.tv, Swiss Television (SF.TV) and Zattoo, a TV Channel internet app. He also expresses great indignation that Canada's online stream, at CTVOlympics.ca, is geoblocked from his viewing enjoyment.

All of this stuff on his desktop is absolutely free, of course.

What are your Olympic Curling TV Mayhem Stories? How many hours in a row did you go? How many channels/streams? Did your remote control break? Did you watch at a biker bar?

As for the main event itself, it is now the 12th day, the next to last day, and we will soon have some heavy medals to hand out. Please do check back with The Curling News Blog later on for our take on today's women's Bronze- and Gold-Medal games, just hours away...