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She's back... ace blogstress Margo Weber is eyeballing the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Sault Ste. Marie, and files her first report.


by Margo Weber

I can’t sit idly by on my couch and not comment on how some of the shots at this year’s Scottie’s Tournament of Hearts belong at my Wednesday night ladies league.

Nor can I pretend that Manitoba’s Jill Thurston (Kruger Products photo by Andrew Klaver) isn’t this year’s edition of Marla Mallett.

However, as I sit here oozing with things to say about Ms. Thurston and her crazy ability to turn a game into a gong show, I remind myself that if it wasn’t for such entertaining people that I probably wouldn’t watch. As much as I love Kelly Scott’s BC team, they do put me to sleep on occasion as they quietly go about their business. But I sit and watch Jill Thurston and find myself hoping they’ll do something really entertaining or silly just for my viewing pleasure at home.

Monday’s’s game against PEI was... WHACK. For the record, I actually think that Team Manitoba’s insistence that PEI throw their last stone – and then measure – was just a byproduct of frustration over their own misses, and they didn’t really understand how silly that measurement looked. Nobody is that... obtuse.

Are they?

Ms. Thurston is also the recipient of my ‘Gonna send you a ponytail, or at least a barrette’ award. But I’ll stop there because I’m still answering hate mail from Marla Mallett fans from last year’s Scotties (not to out-number the fan mail I received for the same blogpost.)

And earlier today I got to snuggle down and watch Team Canada’s Jennifer Jones play Scott. I like it when these teams play each other because JJ always insists on a fun game, and brings Kelly out of her comfort zone. Always fun to watch. And I love that right from the get-go we had a fun first end.

Other thoughts from my spectator mind... I’m liking the Alberta girls. They make me glad I didn’t enter playdowns this year. Not convinced they’ll make playoffs but I can always hope.

PEI ...what!!? I’ll play wait-and-see with that one.

Love Ontario as my winner this year. On the TSN telecast Monday night Krista McCarville said that she has never wanted to wear the maple leaf more. I love that for this particular team it would not be a ‘consolation prize’ to win the Scotties after not winning the Olympic Trials.

Tonight’s Ontario-PEI match had potential to be a gooder, but... alas. Yawn. Switch sheets, TSN!