Regina Worlds: Good Heavens

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Good heavens!

Good heavens!

by Jill Officer

REGINA – Green Day is here! No, not the American punk-pop band, but rather a day here at the worlds where everyone is encouraged to wear green... including Team Canada! As many know, Saskatchewanians are very proud of their provincial colour, which also happens to be associated with the much-supported CFL team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

It’s evident here today that we are indeed in Rider country. Fans were encouraged to wear green to the games today, but looking around here, 95 per cent of the people wearing green are actually wearing Riders paraphernalia. Even the Riders themselves are involved today; a few of them dropped in to the Keiths Patch for an "Up Close and Personal" interview session with emcee Stu Brown.

Funny-looking Gappers, eh?

Funny-looking Gappers, eh?

Of course there was a big cheer for Team Canada as they entered the building for the pre-game march wearing the much-talked-about green Canada jackets, of which this here blog boasted the first pictures!

Team Canada skip Jeff Stoughton even donned the jacket for the beginning of the game, but took it off a short time into the first end and was playfully booed by the crowd. Stoughton said after the game that the official told him that he had to remove the jacket (Why? – Ed.) However, when the game was over, he put it back on as he left the ice surface, to a huge cheer from the fans.

Seems to me that the Canada boys were pretty loose going into today’s match. During pre-game practice, third Jon Mead was bopping along and even singing to the Black Eyed Peas, and Stoughton has been seen chit-chatting with the crowd. That easygoing attitude is paying off for the Canucks as they took complete control of their game against France, scoring a three-ender to start things off and adding another treble soon afterward.

Good heavens! Again!

Good heavens! Again!

One team whose attitude is not so loose right now is Norway. They sure don’t seem like themselves on the ice – the team has been struggling since the beginning of the week. Skip Thomas Ulsrud said yesterday that he feels they are throwing it well, but not getting results... but today he simply said his team is playing like “crap.”

I also spoke with their coach, Ole Ingvaldsen. Ole says they are struggling, and then they're pressing too hard, and when they are still not getting results they are losing confidence.

We all know that curling teams are a tight-knit group, but the Chinese team seems wound a little too tightly.

When the Eye Opener – the daily event newspaper – asked the question "What three people, living or not, would you invite to a dinner party?" all four members of the team said they would invite their teammates! Most other players, if you are wondering, mention celebrities such as Barack Obama, Tiger Woods and Tom Hanks. Then again, perhaps Team China's questions were answered by a team "official"...?

Big showdown tonight, with first place on the line: undefeated Canada versus undefeated Scotland!

Leslie Ingram Brown photos for The Curling News – click on images to increases size