Regina Worlds: Randoms

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by Jill Officer

Chris Svae – troublemaker!

Chris Svae – troublemaker!

REGINA – We’re back to red and white here at the worlds today after a very successful Green (Tues)Day. Pretty much everyone and everything here was green except the beer in the Patch! I thought that would have been the icing on the cake if they’d have done that.

Guess what? Turns out that the charismatic and good-looking skip of Team Norway, Thomas Ulsrud, would like to have dinner with my skipper, Jennifer Jones. In the “Getting To Know You” questions of the daily paper, the Eye Opener, he listed Jennifer as one of the three people, living or dead, that he would invite to a dinner party. He also said, however, that if he could be a star in any other sport, his choice would be... ballet! Ballet?! Seriously?!

I found out later that Norwegian second Christoffer Svae was the one that actually filled out the Q & A for him. Maybe it’s Svae that wants to have dinner with Jennifer? Ulsurd did say, of course, that “it wouldn’t be a bad thing” if he could invite her to a dinner party.

When Pat writes, you'd better read!

When Pat writes, you’d better read!

Denmark continues to struggle. Tommy Stjerne said after the game that his team has had a hard time adjusting to the ice. The conditions here are very different from what they play on at home. He says there is so much more curl and the speed is much faster.

Stjerne says this is his last world championship. After he beat his son Rasmus in the Danish championship final, he said he would never do that again. The young Stjerne really is a bright spot for curling – he beat Canada’s Brett Gallant to win the 2009 world junior title, and he lost the recent European championship final to Ulsrud.

USA skip Pete Fenson and some attractive reporter

USA skip Pete Fenson and some attractive reporter

Random Thought 1 of 2: I’m waiting for Canada third Jon Mead to take out his skip – or one of their opponents – with his rubber gripper. Jon always tosses his gripper about 20 feet in the air in an attempt to get it behind the boards before he throws his stones. So far he’s been on target with both his gripper and his rocks. So far.

Canada is still very loose – laughing with each other, chatting with the crowd and even raising their arms when the wave in the arena comes around. Jeff Stoughton was asked after Team Canada’s afternoon win over Sweden if he was worried about Jon’s play earlier in the week. The skip said, “I was never worried, but Jonny’s back.”

Ramdom Thought 2 of 2: The editor sent along some curling tweets that he deemed to be “random and weird” and, well, I somewhat agree. Here’s a couple:

From @bulechka: can someone please buy a pair of black socks for Jeff Stoughton?

From @data_wonk: Is there anything stranger than Russ Howard smiling at the camera during TSN's curling intro?

From @ottguy: Just want to point out the last time I saw John Baird he told me he had never tried curling. How unCanadian.

Another reason I’m in Regina this week is to do some on-camera work for Global Television. Pat Simmons, the five-time Saskatchewan representative at the Brier, and myself have been providing analysis of the games during the station’s live sportscasts. I have also been doing some fun little pieces on the event.

You can see Pat’s blog Simmons Says and you can watch some of my stuff at (hee-hee) Officer’s Patrol! Let me know how you think we’re doing!

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