Seniors finale

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OTTAWA – The veterans are ready for their championship weekend, as the 2010 Canadian Seniors wraps up today and tomorrow at the Ottawa Hunt.


Hosts Ontario are poised for another Seniors win in men's play, as Gareth Parry's outfit is into Sunday's final. They will have their hands full, however, with the winner of today's semifinal tilt. The match features Big Brad Heidt of Saskatchewan (Denis Rule photo courtesy event organizing committee), who has Big Gerald Shymko on his team, against yet another fresh Seniors "youngster" from Alberta in Mark Johnston.

Ontario and Sask both finished 9-2, with the Ontarians getting the nod into the final thanks to a 9-4 round robin win over the Gappers earlier in the week. Heidt beat the Albertans 8-4 on Friday morning to set up his spot in the playoffs.

On the women's side, the defending world senior champions from BC are back into Sunday's final, and the twist this year is that Christine Jurgenson is now skipping the squad.

There's an extra game on the women's side, as Saskatchewan's Susan Lang will face New Brunswick's Heidi Hanlon in a tiebreaker this morning, with the winner then taking on Northern Ontario's Vicky Barrett in today's semifinal.

Lang lost 9-4 to Hanlon in Friday's lone women's draw and the teams finished the round-robin with 7-4 records.

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