Skins Game VIP Contest

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Woo-hoo! Contest time!

Woo-hoo! Contest time!

Well hello there. We have a contest deadline to tell you about. And that deadline is today.

True, we haven't seen you in a while. Here on The Curling News Blog, that is. No surprise really... we are the ones who haven't posted here, and for many weeks now.

You may have noticed a couple of new initiatives that have, well, replaced this blog as the go-to place for essential curling news and information.

First is the Twitter revolution. If you head to our Twitter feed – which is the simple but important-sounding (and all-encompassing) @curling – you will note that we recently passed the 4,500 "tweet" mark... which means that the most awesome and incredible curling news, views and info can be found there, not here.

But does this posting mean there will be more action here at ye olde TCN Blog in the weeks or days to come? Possibly. Thanks to those who have written to inquire about the inactivity on the Blog – we appreciate your concern, but for now we still urge you to follow our Twitter account, less you just plain miss out.

And, of course, we urge you to subscribe to our print newspaper, now 54 years old and counting. This is new initiative number two, and that means we are saving the very best content for our venerable print edition, which now features special subscriber-only content in every issue.

This is content – stories, photos, features, The Curling News TV Guide and more – that you can't find anywhere else.... not on the website, not on the Blog, not on Twitter, not even on our Facebook page.

And now the purpose of today's TCN Blogpost... today is the last day to enter a major TCN contest, which we are offering in partnership with our good friends at Casino Rama!

We are giving away – that's right, just plain HANDING OUT – no less than three VIP hosting packages to the 2011 TSN Curling Skins Game, taking place January 22-23 at Casino Rama, Ontario just north of Barrie. And the Grand Prize package includes hotel accommodation on site at the Casino Hotel, which equates to a whopping $400+ in value for one night – pass the Grey Poupon, monsieur!

Simply enter online via the CONTEST tab on our website homepage, or just click here. But act fast, because entries close at midnight TONIGHT... more specifically at 11:59:59 pm, Eastern Time. And yes, you can enter as often as you like.

We'll be contacting our prize winners tomorrow, January 14... so enter now, and we just might see YOU at the Skins!