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STOH 2013: Bodogh shoots from the lip

Bodogh on the 2013 STOH field (above)

Bodogh on the 2013 STOH field (above)

She has spoken. And we’re passing it on.

Marilyn Bodogh, once known as Marilyn Darte, won two STOH and world titles for Ontario in 1986 and 1996. She also lost an infamous Battle of the Sexes tilt against a modified Ed Werenich team (with Rick Lang at third and Paul Savage as a kilted chef – long story) at a packed arena during the ’86 men’s worlds; a one-off that was televised live to huge ratings, raised tons of money for charity and cemented Bodogh’s legend as a certified Wild Woman of the Roaring Game.

As many rabid curling fans know, Bodogh then moved to Sportsnet as a Grand Slam analyst (with Lukowich) from 2001 through ’06, and has also worked occasional Rogers TV Ontario curling gigs since then.

The Wild Woman of Curling recently gave some 2013 STOH predictions to Tim Baines of the Sun Media/QMI Agency chain, but alas, the story seems to be unavailable online. This is unfortunate, as Bodogh was anything but shy (as usual) in declaring – for starters – that Quebec’s Allison Ross “is not a skip”, that last year's champions “weren't ready to wear that maple leaf on their backs (at the worlds)” and that Team Ontario, skipped by Rachel Homan, are her “IT girls, I want them to win so badly.”

Love her or hate her, Marilyn always has something to say. Here, above, is the full account of impressions she passed on to Baines, as published in the February 16 print edition of the Toronto Sun (click on image to increase viewing size)...