Team Canada on ice: first look

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Here is a first look at Team Canada, men's version, on the ice at the Vancouver Olympic Centre.


In The Curling News photo at left, skip Kevin Martin (left) and alternate Adam Enright prepare to keep the path clean for John Morris as the first of two practice days winds down.

"Today was about getting used to the building and really getting that Olympic feel," Martin told afterwards. "I was here about 10-15 minutes early to take in the building. Every building is different so I wanted to get a feel without playing a game."

"It was moving really well, at least four and a half feet," said Martin. "It was mostly moving late and it was pretty finicky with weight."

While the team eased into things on Sunday, they plan to get in a more structured session on Monday.

"Today was more mechanical for the guys. They were throwing well and getting comfortable," said Martin. "Tomorrow (Monday), we'll do more sweeping and game situations."

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