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Team Sweden in Vancouver

Now it's Sweden's turn!


Here's Sebastian Kraupp from the Niklas Edin squad, out and about in beautiful British Columbia and indicating where he believes Team Sverige will end up on the medal podium.

We wouldn't bet against him, actually. Team Edin have compiled quite the curling resume recently.

World University Games champions a year ago – beating the Chinese Olympic team in the final, in their own hometown of Harbin, with some 20-30 million Chinese watching on state television.

Quarterfinalists at the first Grand Slam event of the season, at Toronto back in October. Remember that one? They started in horrid fashion, going 0-2, and then won their remaining pool games to qualify... against the field of the other nine Olympic teams plus Kevin Koe, Randy Ferbey and Brad Gushue.

Finally, the Europeans. While Canadians were focussed on their Trials in Edmonton, the young lads swept the competition in Aberdeen, Scotland to win gold at Europe's most important competition. Just like that.

Are these guys on your Olympic pundit radar screen? If not, you'd better make some last-minute edits, and quick.

You can read more about their podium chances, plus that of Anette Norberg's women's team, in the super-sized Olympic issue of The Curling News.

And if you happen to be Swedish, you just might be able to read our story in that language.

Say what?!

Hey, that's the rumour... after all, de svenska lagen lämnar mycket att prata om...

[Fredrik Lindberg photo, click to increase size]