The B.C. Curling Tour

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B.C. is in the news today in a big way.

First off is a big hello to the brand new British Columbia Curling Tour.

After a summer of enthused discussions, the CurlingZone troops have teamed with some B.C. curling talent to build the latest regional tour organization. It launched last night and is now in full swing as the Westcoast Classic hits the ice in New West.

Of course, there was also Wednesday’s confirmation of the 2009 STOH in Victoria.

Meanwhile, there’s more good news concerning a new format – and new sponsors – for governing provincial body CurlBC.

There’s also this report on Bob Ursel’s comfortable win in Vernon last weekend, not to to forget Heather Rankin’s first cash win in years.

And finally, say hello to an honourary BC-er, Colleen Jones ... or perhaps her new teammates should be known as honourary Haligonians? We’ll let someone else decide.


• Regina’s DirectWest Rocktoberfest cashspiel will see the men’s and women’s finals live on Access Communications TV on Monday afternoon ...

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• AWCT and WCPA prez Paul Boutilier pumps The National in this Cape Breton Post story ...

• The Lucky Monkeys have a new website, and its the first we’ve seen with the .us format ...

• And finally, who has been curling lately?

There’s Pamin the Territories, Tedin Alaska, Adam who is visiting Scotland, our good friend Bobin Prague, and two from B.C., Rev. Davein Surrey and this writer in Nanaimo ...