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The Curling News: 2013 Brier edition

Hurry hard to get the March issue pronto

Hurry hard to get the March issue

We haven’t promoted our print edition on the blog in a very long time, and there happens to be a major curling event starting this weekend in Edmonton... so here we go.

You won’t want to miss the March 2013 issue of The Curling News, aka The Brier Issue. The cover story leads with The Bad Boys, aka Brock Virtue’s Saskatchewan foursome, and what on earth really happened at the Sasky provincial. But that’s not all: the story goes on to compare other Brier Bad Boys and their recent misbehaviours at the Big Show, and what the Canadian Curling Association has traditionally done about their trangressions – or not. So unlike what this fun video exemplifies, there might be more than just one team of Brier Bad Boys at Rexall Place.

Our Brier coverage continues with columnist Terry Jones, who points to the significance of the Brier plus Alberta’s Team Kevin Martin as the host hopefuls... and also wonders if this will be the last Brier to feature the Big Three: KMart, Jeff Stoughton and Glenn Howard? There’s also a feature from Senior Columnist Larry Wood on Edmonton curling hero Matt Baldwin, who will be feted live and in person during Friday night’s opening Brier banquet: Baldwin is more than curling’s oldest living Brier champion skip, he was – according to Woody and others – the sport’s first bonafide character, the Guy before Hemmings, so to speak.

There’s also a full-page feature on our official The Curling News Brier Predictions, where no less than four all-star curling legends offer their fearless punditry – who will win, place and show (and not) from March 2-10. Who are they, you wonder? Subscribe today, right away, and we'll toss your Brier Issue into the mail same day, rushed to you pronto.

Of course, there’s more than The Brier to enjoy in this issue. Newsdesk and They Said It are two of our most popular monthly departments, and this month is no exception. A popular player and pundit – who wields a large digital footprint – weighs in with his love for the sport contrasted with the one thing that really, really bothers him about curling. There’s value for curling facility mangers and decision-makers, too, as this month’s The Dominion Club Corner tells us all about the tiny curling club that just sold its naming rights to a local business for $25,000 a year; that’s a whopping $250,000 in fresh funding over the duration of a 10-year contract.

There’s more, too, including the monthly Curling TV/Web Guide, listing all the televised and online curling coverage you could hope to find and watch, through March and half of April, and across multiple platforms in multiple countries. Not just the Brier, and world women’s and world men’s – how about a replay of last year’s Brier final between Alberta’s Kevin Koe and Ontario’s Howard? How about coverage en francais, via Quebec’s RDS2? How about a provincial championship for Saskatchewan’s Mixed Doubles championship, and another featuring their recreational players, leading to this fall’s The Dominion Club Curling Championship?

That's right, The March issue of The Curling News has it all. And if you don’t have it yet, check out your subscription options today. We’ll be glad to tuck you in, and we thank you in advance for your support.

[Lineup of March issue contents located here; click on cover image to increase viewing size]