The Curling News April 2013: Digitally enhanced

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Cover of the April 2013 issue

Cover of the April 2013 issue

Our final print issue of this 2012-13 season is out and about, and has been arriving in mailboxes this week. And once again we've produced a great collection of stories, expert and amateur opinions, news bits and bites, quotable quotes, tales of delight and woe, brilliant action photography (Photos of the Year), specific curling TV/web coverage listings through April and the months ahead... and so much more.

We also celebrate the accomplishments our own; not one but two The Curling News writers who recently received awards for their work.

This is where we usually point out that the contents of each issue of The Curling News can't be found anywhere else – not on this popular blog, not through our Facebook page, nor from our rockin' Twitter feed – and that you should subscribe to ensure you can count yourself among The Most Informed Curling Fans™ in existence. But since we beg and plead often enough, we figure, let's switch it up and offer something different.

For the second year in a row, our April finale is available online, free to one and all, as a digital issue. Moreover, it's an enhanced and super-sized edition, bursting with extra pages of content and digital links. Turn each page and let your cursor roam over text, images, even advertisements – and you'll see and hear multiple hyperlinks available for you to click on.

It's all about more, more, MORE – and we think you'll like what we've assembled for you. From us to you, from one small collection of curling fans to the entire curling world.

We've got a new promo box on our homepage that can lead you straight to this digital special – or you can simply click here to be sent there directly. If you'd like to share this digital edition with anyone, please feel free to use this customized shortlink:

Check it out, share it, and let us know what you think. And if you like what you see, please consider subscribing to The Curling News. We appreciate your support... from one small collection of curling fans to another!