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It's here, curling's finest moment. The first-ever Olympic curling competition to be held in Canada, the number one curling nation. Where curling athletes are respected by the media, by television, by fans of sports that involve real people from all walks of real life.


It's here, taking place in the actual host city, and not a satellite township located off the beaten path.


We at The Curling News are proud to be at Vancouver 2010, with multiple eyes and ears ready to bring you the inside scoops, the latest news, and of course, our expert commentary on what it all means.

Our first look at the Main Press Centre (MPC) shows an impromptu news conference starring the golden girls from Turin, Italy four years ago – Sweden's Anette Norberg (left in yellow) and company.

Will the Swedes be able to sail their ship back onto the podium, a ship which has been steadily taking on water the past couple of years?

So many questions. So much excitement, with the Opening Ceremonies just a few minutes away.

Be sure to check out this here blog for content, as well as our Facebook group page and also our Twitter feed, which passed the 2,000-tweet mark a few days ago. If you haven't checked recently, you are missing out big time... here's a quick rundown of just a fraction of the content you can find there:

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• plus predictions, famous writers, videos and more!

More coming soon.

So much more... it's the Olympic Winter Games!

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