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Tiger Woods goes curling

The new era of curling/golf cross promotion has begun

The new era of curling/golf cross promotion has begun

Prior to the release of today’s incredible Tiger Woods curling footage (link below) there already was a connection between the golf legend and the Roaring Game.

U.S. curling athlete Bill Todhunter won bronze at the 2007 world men’s championship with Team Todd Birr. Later, Todhunter was curling with Beau Welling, a USA Curling board member from South Carolina... who happens to design golf courses.

“Beau was curling with me in Green Bay,” Todhunter recalled. “It was his second bonspiel. We were talking curling and golf and he sent a text message to Tiger to remind him about the Ailsa Craig.

“Tiger’s response was something like, 'it’s funny how I already know that’”

Todhunter eventually met Woods, and the two discussed curling for about 10 minutes.

So, what's the Ailsa Craig, you may be asking? As faithful blogreaders know, we wrote about Tiger’s recent experience with the Craig at the British Open, here and here.

Now for today’s news.

This morning, a video promo was released by Electronic Arts, and the unthinkable has finally happened: Tiger went curling.

Without further ado, here is the link.