TSN Skins Curling 2011 Part IV

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Victory for Dvaid Murdoch and the Scots. Make the final!

Victory for Dvaid Murdoch and the Scots. Make the final!

by George Karrys

RAMA, Ontario – It was a thrilling end to the first semifinal! Oich!

Scottish skip David Murdoch was given a chance, and he took advantage, throwing a strike through a port on his first throw of the eighth end to lie one behind cover. Advantage Scotland.

Edmonton skip Kevin Koe, the defending world champion, threw his final stone – an out-turn tap-bump-whatever – but wrecked on the guard. And then Murdoch threw a peel, just to count a second (and third) stone lying elsewhere, and the Scots had won the match by a score of $14,000 to $7,000.

Amazing, really. Yes, the playing conditions were a challenge. But in the end, David Murdoch was given the chance to throw the only shot that one can have any degree of confidence in making – the straightforward takeout. And not once, but twice.

"There's a bunch of crazy things going on out there," said Derek Brown. "On to tomorrow though!"

Quotes of the match:

"His mind is probably mush, with all that’s spinning around in there"
Vic Rauter on Scottish lead Gordon Muirhead

"I don’t want him, he’s fat!"
Rauter on himself, re. never being not chosen for road hockey games

"Watch this power sweeping."
Nolan Thiessen to skip Koe, while watching a TV replay

"Nice club."
Koe, looking around at the Casino Rama curling environment

See you shortly for semifinal number two: the Battle of Alberta, of Olympians, and Sexes!