What a curling season

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Celebrate an amazing Olympic curling season with us

Celebrate an amazing Olympic curling season with us

The April 2010 issue of The Curling News (click cover to view larger) has been out and about for well over a week now, and continues the in-depth look at Vancouver 2010 following the March publication. Plus a whole bunch more.

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  • What A Season: we wrap up the 2009-2010 season, in worlds and pictures
  • Vancouver 2010: Curling’s Finest Hours: A remarkable wheelchair curling competition closed the Paralympic Games, and the Vancouver chapter
  • The Dominion Club Corner: Playdowns are already underway in advance of Canada’s second recreational championship
  • The Curling News TV Guide: Think TV curling is over? There's lots more on the tube and your computer in the month ahead
  • Cortina d'Ampezzo and Dawson Creek: Two huge events cap the month of April, in the Italian alps and the Gateway to Alaska
  • The Halifax Brier: Larry Wood was there for one of the greatest championship games in Brier history
  • Team Koe and the future: They are supposed to split up. But will Team Kevin Koe stick around and take advantage of all that awaits the Brier champions?
  • Czech This Out: Another Canadian visitor gets caught up in Brier curling fever
  • Grey Power Players’ Championship: Stellar field of 32 men’s and women’s teams battle for some $270,000 in total prize money
  • So Long Senior: Michael Burns Sr. passes away, but his legendary curling imagery will live forever
  • So Long Ray: TSN and a grateful nation say farewell to Ray Turnbull, who is leaving the TV airwaves after 25 years
  • Start Curling Campaign Hits Peak: Post-Olympic interest booming as curling tries to corner a new market
  • World Curling Kerfuffle: Canada and the world are headed for a showdown in Cortina over critical event marketing rights
  • TCN Book Sale: You’re still buying, so we’re still selling these two classic titles
  • and MORE!