Winnipeg 2013: Olympic Team Jacobs

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Our team can beat up your team(s)

by George Karrys

WINNIPEG – What a show in Winterpeg. Great crowds, great curling, and two great champions headed to Sochi – no doot aboot it.

Team Brad Jacobs never lost a game

Team Brad Jacobs never lost a game

It was a tough week for many on the ice, and for some off-ice, too.

Our blogstar Colin Hodgson lost his hair, although that was long overdue – and charity was the beneficial end game.

Good buddy Geurtez of CurlingZone went to the hospital for a test, just to ensure he's going to make it past seven odd weeks of curling travels. Slow down, fella.

And new CCA communications boss Al Cameron probably lost his mind over the Ron Burgundy chaos, and that was just to start the week.

We think our Photo Editor made it home alive, but we haven't debriefed with him yet.

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