Winnipeg 2013: Olympic Team Jones

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Quick bursts from women's final

by Colin Hodgson

First the on ice celly...

First the on ice celly...

WINNIPEG – I've been doing triple duty this week in the 'Peg, and although my head feels many pounds lighter, it's tough to continue emoting in written prose. Everything else these days come in quick digital bursts – 140 character-tweets, live score comments, etc.

So here's a Quick Digital Burst-like summary of the 2013 Canadian Olympic Trials women's final. For all kinds of gorgeous written prose, be sure to devour the upcoming January print edition of The Curling News by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE tab above.

• Crowd is obviously behind hometown skip Jennifer Jones and her team. Call me Captain Obvious.

Sherry Middaugh drew in on her first stone, of course, but Jones didn't hit it. She froze. Not bad. Didn't work out but second Jill Officer was there for the triple.

• Jones' shot for three was freaking ape**it in the hurr. [Er, we don't know what any of that means – Ed.]

• Sorry, Ed.

• Jones really does need to work on her celebrations, though. Maybe a School of #celly instructed by Brad Jacobs? If he wins this afternoon's men's final versus John Morris, the two of them will be spending some time together over the next three months...

• Middaugh not sharp early. Making unforced errors to lighten the load on JJ.

• The arena music at the break was ridiculous, with the MTS Centre turned into a German discotek club. Hell of a subwoofer they have here. I was contemplating doing The Windmill and The Worm on the bench.

• Jones made a strange call in the fifth end, against three she decided to hit instead of draw. Front end changed the call, to the delightful cheering of the crowd. Pretty comical.

• Middaugh gets fortunate for a deuce in sixth end. Can't believe they measured. Good thing they measured the yellow first before the red or else they would have broken the dial.

• Crowd went from silent to losing their minds during the measurement. I thought the umpire was going to have a heart attack.

• When it rains it pours. In the ninth end, Leigh Armstrong's guard picked and stopped halfway down the sheet. My Lord, what timing.

... then the podium!

... then the podium!

• Time out on her last in the ninth? Seriously?

• 10th end is one long celebration because of the improbability of a four-ender. Jones has been smiling for a few end in a row now. That will either infuriate her haters, or melt their hardened hearts.

• Crowd is smart and cheered at the right times. Especially for the losing teams. Great reception for Middaugh and third-place finishers Team Rachel Homan.

• Sherry very classy in defeat. Heck, she's been classy her entire career. Obviously it wasn't her day but she gave the volunteers and media the time of day, even on her worst.

• Amazing to be here to experience the excitement of the Olympic Trials. Heartbreak and despair contrasting joy and celebration – both on display simultaneously. Such a chilling thing.

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