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Curling Legends: Episode 74 – Rae Kells/Sticks and Stones

An esteemed on-ice official and a presumed-lost curling documentary.

Rae Kells was prepared for the challenge. Her experience as a probations officer provided ideal training for work as a curling official. Her steady approach to controversial finishes at the 1993 Canadian Junior women’s and ’94 Junior men’s championships led to nearly three decades of officiating at regional, national, and international events, including four Olympic Winter Games. Rae was inducted into the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame in 2019. 

Before talking to Rae (30:24), host Kevin Palmer speaks to Donna Boyle about her involvement in the production of the recently released documentary Sticks and Stones: The Battle for the Soul of Curling. Numerous curling legends, many of whom have appeared on this podcast, are featured in this remarkable doc.