Curling fans first jumped on to a Canadian mental health fundraising and awareness initiative back in 2013, courtesy of this story we published.

It’s still shocking to realize that within a two-year span, three curling athletes from three different nations–at three different stages of their lives–decided to end theirs.

And here we are again, aiming to raise funds for an 11th year in a row. And in a pandemic, no less. Talk about straining one’s mental health.

The Curling News is proud to have helped galvanize the curling world into supporting this annual fundraiser, and we hope the concept will soon be duplicated in other countries. 

Here’s a full list of how to take part on different social platforms. Canadians on the Bell system can also contribute via calls and text messages; check out the program homepage for more details.

BellLetsTalk platforms

The fundraising program may end at 12 midnight Pacific time, but the awareness must continue.