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Top 15

The Curling News Top 15 is a frequent ranking of the best curling team performances as they occur around the world, for both men and women, and utilizes savvy curling knowledge, complex mathematical theorems, and plain old subjectivity.

Read the comments under each team name for hints and tips on our line of thinking; and if you disagree, or believe we’re missing a notable team performance entirely, send us a message via the contact page and we might consider your input. Perhaps.

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Brad Jacobs (Sault Ste. Marie)

Brier playoff loss can’t topple the dominant team of 2019-20

Anna Hasselborg (Sweden)

The game has reached a whole new level now with Coach Wayne

Brad Gushue (St. John’s)

Wasn’t expected to challenge for the Brier – and that annoyed him

Kerri Einarson (Winnipeg)

STOH title and $164,000 on the Gold Trail

Brendan Bottcher (Edmonton)

One bad game derailed the train

Rachel Homan (Ottawa)

Monumental personnel change rocked the sport

Niklas Edin (Sweden)

Back-to-back world champs and Euro kings were ready for Glasgow

Tracy Fleury (Winnipeg)

Up from 9th last season; what a year

Bruce Mouat (Scotland)

Huge season ranks fifth on our Gold Trail

Satsuki Fujisawa (Japan)

Three-player Slam performance marked great season

Matt Dunstone (Regina)

Absolutely thrilled the Saskatchewan fans

Jennifer Jones (Winnipeg)

Sixth women’s team with six figures on our Gold Trail

John Epping (Toronto)

Canada Cup title and Olympic Trials berth

Elena Stern (Switzerland)

Great young team missed out on the worlds

Mike McEwen (Winnipeg)

Seventh men’s team to hit six figures on the Gold Trail

Silvana Tirinzoni (Switzerland)

Defending world champs with 84K on Gold Trail

Kevin Koe (Calgary)

Will poor season bring a change in Mo-mentum?

Nina Roth (USA)

On fire the first half; won USA without the skipper

Yannick Schwaller (Switzerland)

Impressive silver at Europeans

Krista McCarville (Thunder Bay)

Another year, another impressive STOH

Peter de Cruz (Switzerland)

Battling Schwaller for top Swiss honours

Chelsea Carey (Calgary)

Team implodes one year after STOH victory

Jason Gunnlaugson (Winnipeg)

Nice shooting Gunner; 47K on the Gold Trail season

Min-Ji Kim (Korea)

46K on the Gold Trail in a “quiet” season

Glenn Howard (Penetang, ON)

60K on the Gold Trail with ON/WC final losses

Isabella Wrana (Sweden)

Almost ready to challenge Hasselborg?

Ross Paterson (Scotland)

’At’s a fine young rink, innit?

EunJung Kim (Korea)

Back on the ice after coach abuse scandal

Yuta Matsumura (Japan)

Top Asian men’s team on the Gold Trail

Eve Muirhead (Scotland)

Injuries and recoveries begone