March 08, 2015

GENEVA (AP) The International Cycling Union has been urged to renew its fight against doping after a scathing report into the sport's culture of using banned drugs. Here are some of the main recommendations for the UCI from the Cycling Independent Reform Commission report:

- Work closely with governments and law enforcement authorities ''on criminal matters in anti-doping.''

- Create an independent whistleblower desk, and routinely offer reduced sanctions to doping riders for providing ''substantial assistance.''

- Report doctors found guilty of anti-doping violations to medical regulatory bodies.

- Investigate riders, support staff ''as soon as a suspicion is raised'' and use full statute of limitation provision.

- Create proactive ethics commission with obligation on riders, officials to cooperate.

- Test riders at night and use exemption of ''serious and specific suspicion'' to take samples from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

- Routinely re-test samples when new science is available, and ensure the strategy is ''well publicized.''

- Work more closely with pharmaceutical firms, and help tighten supply chains to pharmacies, hospitals.

- Create a more effective anti-doping strategy using national studies to find out where and in which disciplines doping is most frequent.

- Seek standardized quality of testing across laboratories accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

- Stop leaks of confidential information by WADA-accredited labs.

- Stop ''public shaming'' by anti-doping organizations which report unproven allegations.

- Improve UCI election process, perhaps by giving votes to riders through a strengthened union.

- Help improve financial stability for teams, riders to reduce their incentive to dope for short-term results boost.

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