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Atlanta Hawks to Sell Roasted Crickets, Cricket Tacos This Season

If you're feeling adventurous at a Hawks game this season, the team has a couple eye-opening options for you.

Forget hot dogs and cotton candy. If you're going to a Hawks game this season, they have something a little different for you to munch on.

Beginning with Atlanta's home opener on Friday against the Nuggets, Philips Arena will use one concession stand to sell a few different cricket products from Texas-based critter company Aketta. The Hawks believe they're the first NBA team to vend cricket items at their area.

The viral, I-can't-believe-I'm-eating-this image will definitely come from the cricket taco. Cajun-flavored crickets will be sprinkled over avocado slices with onion, cilantro and queso fresco, all tucked into a tortilla. Three tacos will sell for $12.


This isn't the first insect-filled taco to be featured at a sporting event this year. The Mariners enjoyed booming success by unveiling Chapulines—otherwise known as toasted grasshoppers—at Safeco Field this season. 

Similarly to the M's, the Hawks will also sell pre-packaged, one-ounce portions of flavored crickets. Special to Philips Arena, Aketta developed a Sweet and Spicy Cajun flavor, in addition to offering Texas BBQ. The pre-packaged roasted crickets will sell for $4.50.

"We're thrilled to have our products featured in Philips Arena," said Vincent Vitale, Aketta's head of marketing and business development. "We hope to get our crickets into other sports venues around the country."

This might only be the beginning of a critter concession craze.