Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones with Carroll Senior High coach Hal Wasson in Texas.
By Staff
July 23, 2014

Athletic apparel and sports equipment supplier Eastbay is announcing a new digital web series, Preparation Nation, featuring the unique training regimens and drills used by the nation’s elite high school football programs and NFL players around the league. 

The documentary-style series highlights the extraordinary and unusual ways that high school football training varies based on geographical location and cultural traditions. Students in different parts of the country push trucks, flip tires and chase rabbits around a sugar field – all to prepare for the upcoming football season. The NFL players featured in the film also shared their own practice techniques and helped to evaluate the high school players on their preparation for the season.

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson practiced with Crespi High School in Encino, Calif., where the team’s distinctive workout is called the “Countdown Drill” – an intense routine that focuses on motivating a partner to get through the drill. At Carroll High School in Southlake, Texas, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones worked with students on their signature 75-exercise circuit, a fast-paced, high-energy training routine. Other NFL stars in the series include Dallas Cowboys wide receiver DeMarco Murray and Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu. 

“There is so much creativity and inventiveness with these teams. They work with what is around them,” said Eastbay brand director, Steve Horn. “Eastbay has always provided the best gear and apparel to the athletes, but now we want to see in real life how these things come together.”

The web series currently has four episodes, with four additional expected to release within the next month, and several others in the works. In conjunction with the digital documentary, Eastbay is also inviting high school programs around the country to submit a video to the Preparation Nation website that demonstrates unique football drills or training techniques. The program with the most effective and remarkable routine will win a $20,000 grand prize from Eastbay. 

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