A few simple ideas for how to reconnect with the fitter, stronger, more energetic man you once were.

May 05, 2015

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There’s a moment in a man’s life when he realizes he’s not just temporarily out of shape or in a busy cycle that keeps him from the gym and healthy eating. He realizes that he’s hit a new reality, in which a vigorous, healthy existence seems like a thing of the past.

This is not a happy moment. But it is almost universal among men. As work, family and financial commitments increase in our thirties and beyond, most of us spend less time doing the things that make us feel vital, connected with friends and excited about the future. Your life becomes rote with routines, and routines can become ruts.

To reconnect with the fitter, stronger, more energetic man you once were, make a few strategic moves (none of which involve sports cars, affairs or facial hair experimentation).

Spark new fires

First, rev up the intimacy in your life, even if your partner isn’t complaining. Men approaching midlife face a real adversary here: your bioavailable free testosterone levels have been dropping since your twenties, causing you to lose lean muscle mass, energy and sex drive with each passing year. You need to attack this directly.

For starters, try using a natural free testosterone booster. Many products have quality issues, so choose wisely. You won’t go wrong with Test X180 Ignite from Force Factor; the formula was created by Harvard- and MIT-trained researchers and has become one of GNC’s top-selling products.

By combining a powerful free testosterone boost with enhanced fat burning, Test X180 Ignite is designed to increase your sex drive, build lean muscle and add intensity to your workouts while supercharging your stamina, energy and metabolism. Becoming stronger, leaner and more energetic will naturally pay dividends in the bedroom, but by sparking your libido, Test X180 Ignite goes right to the source of sexual passion to turn up the flames. To get a FREE sample of Test X180 Ignite, click here.

Tweak your gym routine

In tandem with Test X180 Ignite, make key changes to your workouts to further increase free testosterone production and fat burning. In your cardio routine, add more interval training. Go hard for 30-60 seconds every two minutes to increase your intensity safely. In your weight regimen, add more heavy compound lifts that employ large muscle groups (like the back and legs). For example, add more squats and pull-ups, and dial down the curls and sculpting shoulder moves.

Eat for peak performance

Open your calendar. On a square that’s four days from now, write these two lines: 

After four days of eating:

I feel:

Now choose one daily meal or snack and change it, going for the opposite nutrient profile while making it healthier. (This means that a typical high carb meal goes high protein instead, a fat-rich meal becomes lean, and so on.) For example, if you usually have a bagel for breakfast, switch to a broccoli omelet or a smoothie.

After four days, record changes in your energy levels, mood, libido, sleep quality, and workout strength. While some changes may be a placebo, you’ll probably have some valuable epiphanies—and you’ll start viewing your body as a performance machine that needs to be optimized. You’re not just keeping on, you’re getting better.

Get outside your own head

You can’t bust ruts alone. Seeing old friends and being more social will start to give you more energy, but what you really need is to have new conversations with new people.  To do this while you’re transforming your body, ditch your suit or khakis for gym shorts. Ask a personal trainer if he does group training. Not a class—you want to exercise with two or three other clients. Maneuvering through a challenging, unfamiliar workout will naturally help your conversation veer away from weather, work, and kids.

Just remember: If you’re using Test X180 Ignite, you may find yourself making faster progress than your new buddies in gaining strength and shedding fat. As you get to know these guys, tell them you’re using a free testosterone booster that’s different from other products because it packs a unique combination of safe, effective ingredients. Test X180 Ignite is fueled by Testofen®—a natural fenugreek seed extract used by men worldwide to help increase lean muscle mass, sex drive and physical performance—and EGCG, a polyphenol found in green tea that aids thermogenesis and fat burning. Other ingredients help control appetite and boost energy.

Don’t feel like explaining all that? No worries; just seeing your results will convince them. And remind them they can get a free sample for themselves.

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