Houston Soccer Scene Just Got a Massive Makeover

Gabe Zaldivar

A great logo is refined, something you can easily draw on a piece of paper but also something you would be proud to rock on the front of your shirt.

You lead out into the community with it as it slowly works its way into the cultural consciousness. 

In time, fans and foes alike will immediately conjure the following images the minute anyone references the two-time MLS Cup champion Houston Dynamo or the 2020 NWSL Challenge Cup-winning Houston Dash.

The Houston Dynamo and Dash have rebranded and it's spectacular.
Photo Credit: Houston Dynamo Football Club
Photo Credit: Houston Dynamo Football Club
Jane Campbell
Photo Credit: Houston Dynamo Football Club

The makeover is extensive and encompasses moniker as well as image. The team’s site explains that the organization will now be known as the Houston Dynamo Football Club.

It’s an umbrella term that welcomes every last vestige of the beloved organization. It’s a football community that includes the Dynamo First Team as well as the Houston Dash.

And when you now talk about Houston Dynamo FC those last two letters mean a great deal, because the Dynamo Academy, regional youth affiliates, BBVA Stadium, Houston Sports Park and the fans are wrapped up into the acronym.

“Adding the term Football Club to the Dynamo name was an important decision, because it illustrates how much we have grown. When we first started, there was only a team, but we have grown into a true club. But just saying we are a club is not enough; what matters is truly becoming a club,” said Club Controlling Owner Gabriel Brener explained via a press release. “Today is an important step, but only the first step of becoming the type of club that represents a great community like Houston. Now we begin the work of building Houston’s club.”

Dash midfielder Kristie Mewis echoed the sentiment as she spoke with The Athletic, explaining that after experiencing the recent success the club was ready to pivot and forge ahead anew.

“It’s perfect timing for a rebrand,” she told The Athletic. “I think we have reinvented ourselves, and we’re going in the right direction. I think Houston, as a community, will follow and I’m really excited to see what happens in 2021.”

Houston-based creative team 9thWonder was tasked with giving the club the crests that would adorn not just kits but the myriad shirts and flags that will soon adorn BBVA Stadium.

Think of the enormous undertaking it must be to encapsulate an entire community and team and cram it into something that will inevitably become polarizing at launch.

A tip of the hat to the creative team, because this is a promising start to the new era with a hexagon leading the charge.

As the team’s website explains, the shape has a few meanings. It’s a sign of cohesion and strength but also a nod to Houston’s initial six wards. And it also forever reminds of the Dynamo’s first year in the MLS, 2006.

And the simple touch of blue marking the H is an homage to the Bayou City waterways that are the impetus and foundation to a city that now touts one of the more beloved soccer franchises in the nation.

Dash forward Shea Groom explained in the above video that the Dynamo and Dash have already experienced a period of great cohesion. Making it official can only move the cause forward and further solidify the club as an indelible part of the city.

“It's so important for us to be one club, one family and live that out, I think it's vital for both of our successes as separate organizations as well,” she said. “And I think the more that we can support each other, the better this community is going to be able to buy into us.”

Defender Zarek Valentin explained that there is something powerful and unifying about two simple letters.

“Obviously, when you when you throw on an FC, it's a true embodiment of the togetherness that the Dash have, that we have, that the academy has and that unifies us all together as one club with one goal, obviously multiple pieces of silverware and things like that.”

For Houston, the football scene is indeed diverse. But the place at which its fans celebrate has one location, a destination that brings multiple people together who are dedicated to one goal. It’s a celebration of inclusion we can all get behind.