Jaden Smith and New Balance Unveil Vegan-Friendly Sneaker, World Instantly A Better Place To Live

Gabe Zaldivar

It’s 2020 and things are going from bad to worse to comedically horrible, and that's just the daily cycle. But at least we now have Jaden Smith’s vegan-friendly sneakers to cop.

Just imagine rolling into your friend's house (when having friends or entering another’s home is allowed again) and you sashay your way to the sofa, kindly ask for a coaster for your nicely cooled kombucha and proceed to sit back, kick your feet up and place your environmentally sensitive sneakers next to your culturally sensitive drink.

That’s right, Jaden Smith and New Balance have teamed up to bring us all the one bright spot of this dire year.

The NB for Jaden Smith Vision Racer will launch July 24 with a suggested retail price of $150. But really the price should be a year of sustainable living and naming rights to your firstborn child because they’re that amazing.

It’s not every day that you come across a vegan-friendly shoe, but then again we live during an amazing time when anything is truly possible. 

Jaden Smith Vision Racer
Photo Credit: New Balance

Sure, they look like a pair of Skechers Shape-ups deciding to attend their first week of Coachella despite being well into their 40s, but that’s the best part.

These shoes say I care about the health of this world but also I need to get some reps in before brunch, but then again I might just barbecue with the fam.

Via press release, the Jaden Smith Vision Racer pays homage to two of Smith’s favorite sneakers, the X-Racer and classic 1700.

“Each element of the Vision Racer incorporates partially recycled materials and the shoe is vegan-friendly,” according to New Balance.

This means the shoe company went with a design that incorporates EVA regrind material, recycled synthetics and recycled polyesters for much of the upper.

Photo Credit: New Balance

“Shared values of transforming the status quo; staying true to oneself; giving back to community; and, respecting heritage while co-authoring a distinct future, are the foundation of the relationship between New Balance and Jaden Smith,” says Chris Davis, New Balance Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Merchandising.

The 22-year-old actor, singer and songwriter has been an advocate for both environmentally friendly practices and vegan lifestyle.

He is the founder of JUST Water. The company claims that its eco-friendly packaging allows for “a 74% reduction in carbon emissions compared to a standard plastic water bottle.”

JUST Water then helped setup water-filtration systems to aid those living in Flint, Michigan.

And on his 21st birthday decided to spread goodwill by bringing the homeless vegan food.

So, in the end, the new Jaden Smith Vision Racer is that friend that comes by rocking a fedora and a case of beer. But the beer is for you because these sneakers don’t drink.

They'll stick to drinking kombucha and giving off just a really chill vibe.